Affiliate marketing is a way for product manufacturers and service providers to get their name out there through affiliate publishers online. It is a performance-based way for publishers to connect their audience with online brands.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most developed forms of digital marketing on the Internet. It is a way to connect publishers with merchants that are looking to get their product or service in front of as many people as possible. It can also be a complicated task to take on requiring a vigilant watch over performance and expectations across all parties involved in the campaign. As a result, most merchants usually use an affiliate marketing manager to handle their campaigns.

There are usually four parties involved in an affiliate marketing campaign:

  1. Publisher – A publisher runs an online channel where products or services are being shown on an “affiliate” basis to their audience. Publishers get compensated based on their performance by their merchants.
  2. Affiliate Network – An affiliate network tracks the traffic and success of an affiliate marketing campaign to act as a broker between the publisher and the merchant.
  3. Merchant – A merchant has products or services to advertise online and works with an affiliate manager to get their product or service advertised online.
  4. Affiliate Manager – An affiliate manager tracks and manages the performance of a campaign to ensure that the campaign grows and performs optimally.

How We Help

We are able to help publishers, networks, merchants, and affiliate managers find meaningful relationships with those looking to use affiliate marketing to boost their network. We offer insight into strategy development, creating a contact network to reach the right people, and finding the right software to properly track and adjust campaigns of all sizes. Our team is also capable of assisting with managing affiliate marketing campaigns.

Our Offerings

  • Strategy Development: We can help devise a strategy on how to attract affiliate offers, how to form the terms for those offers, and how to structure commissions.
  • Publisher Strategy: We can help online content providers developer the right structure and content strategy to both attract and flourish affiliate relationships through online content offerings.
  • Analytics Analysis: Our team can look over existing analytics to determine whether or not the numbers make sense and help guide your team in the right direction.

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