Social media has become the bastion of brand awareness. It is an online conversation that allows brands to develop a following, make a statement, and garner goodwill with quality social posts and a great sense of self-awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Millions of web users log into social media channels on a daily basis to communicate, become educated, and to be entertained. It is one of the most common ways that users communicate online and is also one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal when used correctly. Social media marketing has become one of the best ways to raise brand awareness, increase lead generation, and elevate one’s placement in search results.

Brands that compete for attention in social media roll out a variety of strategies such as promoting their web content, creating unique content specific to the social platform, or taking advantage of different social trends. Each different platform has different ways to create a conversation and offer users different ways to engage. Navigating those waters can be difficult if one is not well versed in how users communicate. Having a social media expert navigate them ensures consistent messaging, increased engagement, and ultimately increased brand awareness.

The top social media platforms where brands are engaging buyers include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

How We Do It

Crafting an effective social media campaign requires careful research, planning, and execution as social media users are often skeptical of how brands communicate online. It requires understanding the audience being targeted and the types of messages that are most likely to leave a lasting impression or encourage engagement. We use a strategic process to learn more about each brand we work with and craft a campaign specific to them.

Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Discovery: During this phase of the process we learn more about the brand, the brand’s target audiences, and the brand’s main competitors in the space. Attention is spent on  the brand’s current coverage on social media and what others are doing to obtain engagement.
  2. Strategy Development: When determining the right strategy, our social media experts decide which platforms will be most effective for the brand’s message, the types of social posts that need to be used for the most engagement, and whether or not paid advertising on the platforms would help reach the client’s objectives.
  3. Creative Development: Once the strategy has been finalized in terms of the channels being targeted and the objectives have been defined, our creative team creates content that will both be visually stimulating and engaging based on prior research and experience. Clients are given an opportunity to approve create posts before they are submitted through social channels.
  4. Networking: After creatives have been approved, our social media experts connect with a network of social influencers to ensure posts will achieve maximum engagement.
  5. Optimisation: Once a campaign is put into place, our social media experts are constantly monitoring each post to obtain feedback to further improve the performance of future posts.

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