Instagram is the prominent social media platform for visual storytelling. It is a great way to showcase your brand, products, or your style. Advertising on Instagram is a great way to connect with an enthusiastic audience ready to engage.

Why Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms on the Internet. With over one billion accounts and quick growth over the past year, it is becoming one of the most targeted platforms for consumer-oriented businesses. It is a large and diverse online community reaching some of the most profitable demographics around the world.

The visual nature of the social media platform makes it an ideal advertising opportunity for businesses that are involved in the fashion, wellness, and fitness industries. Additionally, businesses that sell products can use the visual nature of the platform to advertise their products, making it easy for their customers to share their thoughts on the product.

Instagram has four advertising formats to make use of:

  • Image Ads: A single image with a message is shared with relevant audiences.
  • Video Ads: A single video with a message is shared with relevant audiences.
  • Stories: Offers a variety of tools such as animated GIFs, stickers, and marker tools to tell a story.
  • Carousel Ads: Displays multiple product images in a “carousel” format, allowing the user to scroll through them.

How We Do Instagram Advertising

Instagram is a unique opportunity for advertising and requires a unique process to build a powerful campaign. Our Instagram experts use a development process to identify a client’s unique needs in order to build the right campaign to reach relevant audiences. Our process for building Instagram campaigns involves:

  1. Discovery: We meet with the client to understand their objectives, their brand, and the messaging they want to share with an online audience.
  2. Strategy Development: Our Instagram experts begin to plan out the campaign including the different demographics to target, the types of messaging to target them with, and how the visual storytelling will be laid out.
  3. Collaboration: We communicate with the client to ensure all of our messaging is on point and to get feedback on different ads, imagery, and the story being told to their audience.
  4. Creative Development: All visuals, videos, and text for the campaign are  created to create a long-term campaign focused on meeting the objectives set at the start of the discovery process.
  5. Implementation: The campaign is rolled out and made live, connecting the client brand to an online audience. The campaign is monitored and adjusts based on results to ensure each ad and each message is getting the best results.

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