Online content producers and social media personalities reach millions of web users around the world. Getting your brand featured with them means getting more eyes on you.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing refers to a marketing strategy where you associate your brand with relevant influencers or personalities that are connected to your target audience. Online buyers are more likely to choose a trusted brand, and having that brand marketed by an established personality means making your brand the trusted one to online buyers.

Influencer marketing can be done a number of different ways:

Once the data starts rolling in from contextual targeting, we can identify the highest-performing website placements and set specific bids for these, to maximise your return on investment.

  • A free trial offered to an influencer’s audience.
  • A coupon code offered to the audience.
  • A sponsored ad read or sponsored post by the influencer.
  • A collaboration with the influencer.

In some cases there exists an opportunity to reward the influencer based on the performance of their endorsement or ad read, while in other cases influencers accepted a one-time fee to feature the product or service in their social media. Regardless, it is possible to attract no prospective buyers by choosing the right influencer and the right arrangement.

How We Do It

We help brands reach relevant and trustworthy influencers in social media by conducting audience research, learning which audiences are going to be most aligned with what the brand is offering, and establishing a relationship between the brand and the influencer. Our influencer marketing process involves:

  1. Discovery: We learn more about your brand, your marketing objectives, and the audiences which perform the best.
  2. Influencer Research: We look into the influencers on social media, YouTube, and other online channels that  reach your target audiences.
  3. Communication: We establish communication with influencers across all channels to determine the cost of the engagement and the terms of the engagement.
  4. Creative: Back and forth communication ensures that the type of endorsement or sponsorship is something both parties are comfortable with.
  5. Engagement: Influencers share their content and we work to ensure the content is posted at a relevant time to ensure greater lead generation and high conversion rates.

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