Getting a second look at a campaign can do wonders. Don't let your campaign fail in hindsight. Let our experts help craft your online advertising strategy.

PPC Strategy Consulting

Many of the brands we work with already have a pay per click campaign in-place, but come to us when their campaign fails to produce. Our pay per click experts can fine-tunefine tune a campaign, refocus it to the correct audience, and provide insight into how to best manage a campaign. Our PPC campaign consulting includes a deep dive into your account, how to make the right decisions with the campaign, and our direct recommendations to immediately improve performance.

Keyword Strategy

Our keyword strategy consulting involves an analysis of the audience you’re looking to reach, how they typically perform a search online, and the types of keywords that are most aligned with their search intent. It’s not good enough to gather a set of keywords that are relevant. To produce the best results, the keywords being selected need to be keywords where the audience is specifically looking to act on.

A typical keyword audit involves:

  • A review of the current keyword portfolio.
  • Relevant long tail keyword opportunities.
  • Ad relevance.
  • Historical performance.
  • Missed opportunities from competition.

Each keyword audit contains performance information about current keywords, recommended changes, and insight into the types of keywords that are most likely to produce the best results. While some brands succeed with generic of widespread keywords that lack contextual targeting, others find long tail keywords or very targeted keywords to be the most successful. Our PPC experts will provide insight into which of these strategies will produce the best results.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

One of the most common challenges brands approach us with is determining how to define “success” in their campaign. While it can be as simple as whether or not a profit is being achieved through a campaign, there are a growing number of variables that can make it difficult to attribute success to specific keywords, ads, or landing pages. Our pay per click experts can make it easier to manage a campaign, diagnose potential issues, and know exactly where your sales are coming from.

Businesses using our strategy consulting general see the following benefits:

  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Decreased Costs Per Click
  • Faster Conversions

Get PPC advice directly from our experts.

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