Getting a penalty on your advertising account can be devastating. Recovering from it can be time consuming and difficult. Getting the right advice can be the difference between a quick and a long recovery period.

Google Ads Suspension Removal

Having your Google ads account suspended can be a stressful time, especially when you don’t know the next steps to recovery from the suspension. There are a wide variety of reasons why Google would suspend an advertising account to maintain the integrity of their search results, protect themselves from legal liabilities, and to show good faith that their advertising is above board. Despite this, many innocent advertisers get flagged as a result of simple negligence or a lack of understanding.

Some of the most common reasons for an account being suspended include:

  • Suspicious payments made in the account.
  • An unpaid balance on an account.
  • Bad user experience.
  • Deceptive content.

In some of these cases the advertiser might not even realise that what they are doing is against the terms of service. For example, some companies opt to use the same page for multiple ads, but offer different users a different experience. This may result in a suspension for either a bad user experience, or deceptive content. Ultimately, Google wants to make sure the experience for the user of the search engine is what they expect and will suspend advertisers that potentially negate that experience.

How We Can Help

Our Google Ads experts understand what Google looks for in an advertiser and can do a full audit of your campaign to identify the issue that caused the suspension. While we cannot guarantee a resolution as some cases are permanent bans, we can identify the cause of the suspension, and if possible, help your team works towards making things better. We can also educate your advertising team on what you can and cannot do on the Google Ads platform and how to ensure your landing pages do not get you suspended.

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