YouTube has become the most popular destination for short-form video content online. With no cost to start producing and sharing videos, YouTube has become the most popular online video platform with over 1.9 billion active users each month.

What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube advertising involves the use of YouTube’s advertising platform to serve different types of ads to users of the website. The popular video hosting website has become the largest platform for independent video creators offering brands a powerful opportunity to share their products and services alongside cutting edge entertainment. It is the fastest growing platform for both independent creators and television entertainment.

YouTube offers a variety of advertising types giving advertisers control over how they reach the user and how their brand is presented on the platform. The following advertising formats will appear alongside monetized video content:

  • Display Ads: Appears on the right side of the video as a clickable banner ad.
  • Overlay Ads: Appears on top of the video at the bottom with some text and an image.
  • Skipple Video Ads: Appears before, during, or after the video with an option to skip the video after 5 seconds.
  • Unskippable Video Ads: Appears before, during, or after the video with no option to skip the video ad.
  • Bumper Ads: Appears before a video starts with a brief message (up to 6 seconds) which cannot be skipped.
  • Sponsored Cards: A brief card displays on top of the video with a link to a video, a product, or a landing page.

On top of the advertising opportunity presented in the YouTube platform, our experts also connect with brands that  have a strong connection to target audiences for opportunities paid product placements or endorsements.

How We Do YouTube Advertising

Our approach to YouTube advertising focuses on identifying the objectives of the client in their advertising endeavour and delivering a campaign to meet and exceed them. Different campaigns address different business challenges and our process for creating a YouTube advertising campaign ensures our campaigns deliver real measurable results. We reach the right audience with the right message alongside the right content.

Our process for YouTube advertising involves the following phases:

  1. Discovery: Our experts will spend time learning about what the client is looking to achieve from their advertising, the audiences that are most aligned to the product or service being sold, and key competitors that could impact the performance of the campaign.
  2. Strategy Development: Our experts will create an advertising strategy outlining the different audiences, messages, and creators that will be targeted to meet the outlined objectives.
  3. Creative Development: Videos, banners, and other ad creatives are designed during this process. Materials are presented to be approved by the client before implementation.
  4. Campaign Implementation: During this phase all aspects of the strategy are put into place based on the client’s feedback.
  5. Optimisation: Our YouTube advertising campaigns are an ongoing development. Our experts monitor the campaign and make adjustments based on performance, changes within the targeted audiences, and timely opportunities for product placements or endorsements for upcoming video content.

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