The number of buyers turning to the Internet to look for products and services is ever growing, and more of them are turning to their phone to search. Mobile advertising gives advertisers a great way to reach buyers searching for businesses while on the go, or for those that prefer to shop on their phone.

What is Mobile PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) or paid search marketing refers to an agreement between an advertising publisher (Google Ads, etc.) and an advertiser to display an advertisement for their product or service with an established cost on a “per click” basis. Mobile pay per click refers to specifically targeting users through mobile apps and mobile web browsing.

Online advertising has been a consistently growing online market since the rise of consumer Internet in the 90s. Now that most homes are Internet connected it has become one of if not the largest advertising medium in the world. With the rise of Internet connected devices and mobile devices, mobile online advertising has become one of the best ways to reach buyers.

Mobile pay per click allows for advertisers to target specific audiences that are more in line with the target audience of their produce or service. Advertisers are given extra control on when and where to run their mobile ads, the types of apps they would like to target users on, and set budget controls to prevent overspend. It is an innovation when compared to traditional print or media advertising, and is one of the best ways to reach the fastest growing audience in the world.

Full Service Mobile PPC Management

Our pay per click experts offer a comprehensive way to get the most out of your mobile advertising. We assist every step of the way from conducting the research to identifying target keywords, audiences, and channels for the campaign to maintaining the campaign. As a full service mobile PPC company, we provide our clients with:

  • An analysis of the client’s objectives and which channels align with them.
  • Audience research to determine which demographics and other metrics to focus on.
  • Text, display, and video ad creation.
  • Landing page design and testing.
  • Conversion optimisation to reduce the cost per conversion.
  • Ongoing optimisation for decreasing the cost per click while increasing lead generation.
  • Detailed reporting on the status of each part of your campaign.

Reach mobile buyers with our award-winning mobile PPC services.

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