The visual nature of our technology offers advertisers the opportunity to be creative when reaching their target audiences. Display advertising offers a variety of ways to share your brand message with the rest of the world.

What is display advertising?

Display advertising allows for advertisers to reach their target audiences through visual ads that appear alongside relevant content on a wide network of websites and publishers. It allows for ads to appear in the form of banners, linked text, visual media, and online video. The visual nature makes the ads more noticeable, allowing for increased brand recognition in addition to the traffic it provides and the increased opportunity for conversions.

The number of options advertisers have with display advertising is limitless with a large number of networks boasting millions of publishers. Each network has its own set of standards for the types of media their platforms support, the type of content that is suitable for their audiences, and the depth of targeting the platform is able to achieve to target the precise audience the advertiser is looking to reach.

Our display advertising services include:

  • Contextual Targeting: Display ads are shown near content containing specific keywords, phrases, or topics the advertiser has set for their ads.
  • Remarketing: Display ads are shown on content to audiences that have previously interacted with the brand, but have yet to convert.
  • Website / Channel Targeting: Display ads are run on relevant audiences for specific websites or communication platforms.
  • Demographic Targeting: Display ads are shown on websites that are popular with the indicated demographics.

How We Do Display Advertising

Each display advertising campaign we craft is created with the client’s unique objectives, their target audiences, and branding requirements in mind. Our campaign development process begins with an analysis of the requirements of the campaign, a complete audit of any existing campaigns, if any, and a proposal for the type of campaign to be developed. We outline the best strategy to reach a relevant audience, the type of messaging that would be delivered, and the conversion techniques that would be best suited for the campaign.

Our process for building display advertising campaigns:

  1. Conduct a goal assessment with the client.
  2. Conduct an assessment of branding assets and past marketing campaigns.
  3. Conduct an assessment of target audiences.
  4. Propose which platforms and which forms of advertising to target.
  5. Create and implement landing pages for the targeting audiences.
  6. Implement the campaign across all platforms.
  7. Implement remarketing codes where needed.
  8. Assess performance over time to make necessary adjustments for improved results.

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