A slow or mishandled website can scare away potential customers. Let our team clean and maintain your website for fast loading times, accurate information, and working forms to get more leads and more business.

Why do websites need to be maintained?

Even if you’re not using the most robust or advanced website, websites often have coding that allows certain features to function. Technology is constantly changing and evolving around us. New devices are created with different resolutions, different ways to interactive, and different ways to reach the web. In addition to this, many new technologies are created to provide those with accessibility problems to be able to browse the web.

Online technologies constantly change in line with how the technology we use around us is changing. As a result, the different software used to power our websites is constantly changing, which in turn means that sometimes a website needs to change for it to be able to stay the same.

Website maintenance focuses on making sure all of the following work properly:

  • CMS Plugins: Often times developers use third-party plug-ins for features in a content management system. Sometimes they fall victim to security threats that get patched out, but those not updating their plugins are still vulnerable. We make sure plugins are updated on a regular basis.
  • Content Updates: Businesses change all the time. We ensure that content on the website is updated based on new products or services being offered, new locations being opened, or pricing or staff changes.
  • Dynamic or API Services: Having information that comes in automatically can break or be abused. Our team ensures that these dynamic features continue to function as imagined and identify potential issues that could deface the website.
  • Hosting Environment: Often times the hosting environment can be one of the biggest contributing factors to a website not functioning well, especially if it hasn’t been updated to run on the latest version of whatever programming language it was built in. We ensure that the site continues to function as expected on newer environments.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Finding holes in a website’s security ensures that common threats to a website are dealt with to both protect the website and potential customers reaching it.

Why choose SEO UK?

Our team is completely dedicated to ensure that our clients have top-level performance in their websites since loading times can greatly impact the performance of a campaign. Our website maintenance experts can work with internal technicians to ensures that your website is properly maintained, concerns are dealt with in a timeline manner, and all of the underlying technology is properly updated to be in-line with the latest technologies. We also offer consulting to assist with ensuring a website is accessible to those using accessibility technology to access the Internet.

We can help with the following platforms and more:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Typo3
  • PrestaShop
  • Shopify
  • PHP Websites
  • Ruby on Rails Websites

Don't let your website work against you. Let us maintain your website.

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