Having a powerful online brand does wonders for your inbound lead generation. It is also a great way to revamp your conversion process and drive back repeat sales from your most satisfied customers.

What is branding development?

Branding development covers a wide variety of strategies which are employed to establish credibility in a brand online. Many online brands work with online influencers, publications, and social media platforms to establish themselves as a primary brand. Having excellent online content, responsive communications on social platforms, and great online reviews can do wonders for a business that is looking to sell a product or service through the Internet. It can also be a great opportunity for brick and mortar stores looking to gain an edge over their competition in local markets.

Developing a brand requires a strong strategy, a great online reputation, and a keen eye for marketing or advertising opportunities where the target audience is located.

Creative Development

Our creative development process involves designing different online messages, social media posts, and online advertisements which will capture the audience’s eye and leave a lasting positive impression with them. Online advertising, social media, and online reviews are three of the most effective ways to shape public perception and our creative team does an excellent job at identifying a target audience’s interests and crafting a message that will resonate with it. We also work with our clients to ensure our creative efforts fall in line with their branding expectations to create a consistent view of their brand.

Research and discovery

Identifying the right channels to target based on the audience is crucial for the success of an online branding campaign. You can dominate an online channel, but if your audience isn’t there, it’s not going to matter. Our researchers determine which channels buyers are most aligned with including different social media channels, online publications, YouTube channels, and other forms of online communication or entertainment. Once the channels have been identified, a strategy is developed to spread consistent and engaging messaging through those channels to establish an audience.

Knowing where your audience is crucial. We conduct an analysis of these following channels (and more):

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google Ads
  • Major News Sites
  • Local Publications
  • Yelp
  • Syndication Websites

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