Search engine optimisation (SEO) is in an extremely competitive state. Gone are the days of link spamming as content quality; social signals and a strong user experience greatly impact how visible a website is on search engines. SEO continues to change, evolve, and grow to cater to an increasingly demanding online audience.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (often referred to as “SEO”) is the act of obtaining prominent placement for a web page in search results. Most users turn to a search engine when they are looking for something online. SEO focuses on optimising a web page to appear as one of the top search results for search terms relevant to the web page. In short, with the right SEO plan, a web page can be brought to the top of the search results.

The climate around SEO is changing at an accelerated pace. Gone are the days when you could get thousands of incoming links to boost your rankings. Google, Bing, and other major search engines have adapted their algorithms to overcome the challenges of link spam. Algorithmic changes continue to be made to ensure that unscrupulous actors online cannot game the system.

For most businesses having an online presence where buyers can find them is crucial to long-term success. Even local retail businesses can benefit from allowing their buyers to find them through search engine results. Online businesses thrive or fail depending on whether or not they can carve out their share of results for search terms which will yield the most amount of relevant traffic.

SEO companies assist their clients in being found online through these search results. Since search engines do not disclose how they  determine the placement of different pages and website, experts help bridge the gap between those undisclosed algorithms and the secret to getting onto page one. Experienced SEO experts have enough knowledge, experience, and data to identify what behaviours and content strategies will give a page the best chance to appear on the first page.

The Advantage

Our SEO experts understand the subtle nuances involved in creating and delivering high- performance search engine optimisation campaigns. Having connected many businesses and brands with page one results, we have both the resources and the expert knowledge to elevate brands to the top of search results. This is achieved through the use of specialized software, our connections to major online publications, and content experts which can produce compelling articles and opinion pieces about your products and services.

Our SEO services allow our clients to:

  • Appear prominently for highly competitive search terms.
  • Create notoriety for their brand.
  • Establish a level of trust between the brand and the buyer.
  • Generate highly relevant traffic.
  • Convert traffic into qualified leads ready to convert.

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