Web pages do not exist in a vacuum. Instead, they are constantly competing with billions of other web pages on the Internet. Search engines are constantly looking at the entirety of the Internet when determining which web pages to serve to a user.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Digital marketing can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes down to attracting online buyers without racking up large advertising costs. Inbound marketing refers to different marketing strategies involving content creation and driving an outside audience to your own presence online. It is a combination of content marketing, social media, SEO, and building up a brand online.

Inbound marketing is a constantly evolving practice as search engines and social media both change over time. How we engage online plays a major part in how we drive traffic to our websites and how we convert an audience into sales. For example, the algorithms powering major search engines are adjusted to improve the relevancy of search results requiring ongoing monitoring and maintenance to see long-term results.

An impressive inbound marketing campaign takes into consideration the following opportunities and channels:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Ensuring both on-page and off-page performance is as high as possible while ensuring produced content is target the right keywords and audiences.
  • Social Media: Syndicating content initiatives through social media channels, generating engagement about the brand, and attracting coverage of produced content from other accounts on the platforms.
  • Content Marketing: Attracting coverage of your content in other channels and attracting an online audience as a result.

How We Do Inbound Marketing

Our process for delivering the best results through inbound marketing starts with a discovery phase that ensures our team understands your brand, your target audience, and the level of competition online. Our process for inbound marketing is as follows:

  1. Discovery: We take time to research and understand a client’s brand. Meetings are scheduled to ensure we have the right vision for the brand.
  2. SEO Auditing: A thorough audit is conducted on how their brand is represented in search results. This includes a look at on-page elements in addition to the brand’s reputation with search engines.
  3. Social Media Auditing: A thorough audit is conducted on how the brand is received on social media platforms including past marketing efforts and communication about the brand.
  4. Strategy Development: Our team will develop an in-depth strategy detailing all of the one-time and recurring efforts required to produce exceptional results.
  5. Implementation and Adjusting: Each of the inbound marketing strategies are put into place and vetted to ensure they are following best practices. Adjustments are made over time based on the results being seen and to account for the latest developments on those marketing channels and target markets.

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