Technology is constantly changing at an increasing rate. How users interface with their technology and the Internet now is much different now than it was in just one year. Taking advantage of new technology trends ensures that your business can remain ahead of the curve in online marketing.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile search engine optimisation (mobile SEO) is the practice of establishing a presence in the search results served to mobile devices. Mobile SEO involves ensuring a website is optimised for mobile web browsers and offers an optimal user experience. It also involves establishing a presence online, giving signals to search engines that the web page is highly relevant based on how mobile users search online.

Similar to how search engine optimisation itself has changed over the users, so has how users access the internet . A mobile device has become the preferred way of searching for information online for a majority of web users. While the desktop experience is still an important part of building an SEO strategy, not optimising for the mobile web results in leaving money on the table.

Search engines treat a search on a mobile device differently from one on a desktop or laptop computer. Search engines now take a look at the mobile experience of a web page before recommending it to a mobile search user. Having an effective mobile web experience while providing them with the same information and functionality of a traditional website is the key to success in mobile SEO.

The way mobile users search online is also different from how one searches when using  a desktop computer. Having a smaller screen and a more limited way of typing on a mobile device impacts how many characters one types before viewing their results. The search terms search engines recommend can also vary based on the device being used and the location of the search user.

How We Do Mobile SEO

Our mobile SEO and web experts create comprehensive mobile SEO campaigns that solve the major hurdles many businesses face when trying to connect with mobile buyers. Our mobile SEO auditing identifies issues with mobile functionality, readability, and loading speeds which search engines can identify to penalize those which provide suboptimal mobile experiences. This involves auditing both the on-page elements of a website and off-page elements which can also impact how a website performs in mobile search results.

Our mobile SEO audit includes a deep dive into the following factors:

  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Webmaster Guidelines Compliance Analysis
  • Loading Time Analysis
  • Content Optimization

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