Reaching an online audience is a difficult task on its own, but learning how to turn that audience into paying customers is an art form. Closing the deals can be the most difficult part of the process, but with the right strategy in place, it can become a simple process.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization is the practice of simplifying and optimising the process of transforming a lead or prospect into a sale. In digital marketing there are a number of different ways to drive traffic to a web page. Once traffic reaches that page, there are a number of different ways a visitor can interact with the page to either make a purchase, register their interest, or contact a company.

Conversion strategies can produce different results based on what is being offered, the audience being targeted, and how it is being branded. As a result, it can be difficult to determine which conversion strategy will work best for each part of a campaign. Digital marketing campaigns can be targeting different audiences with different messages, and each individual message might produce better results with a different conversion strategy.

New technologies have also changed  the way that marketers approach converting a visitor into a paying customer. New strategies include using call tracking software to measure the success of a campaign when customers are calling in and using push notifications on mobile devices and in web browsers as a way to reattract past customers or those which failed to engage. Some of the most powerful conversion strategies include:

  • Effective placement of “call to action” elements.
  • Lead capture forms.
  • Visual or interactive elements.
  • Free trials.
  • Time-limited offers.

Our Approach to Conversion Optimisation

We leverage a unique approach to improving the conversion process. Before we can begin making meaningful change to a marketing campaign, we first need to understand the campaign in place. Our process ensures we understand the marketing processes in place, where visitors are being driven, and where visitors are falling off the bandwagon. Our process includes the following phases:

  • Discovery: During the discovery phase our team maps out all of the marketing processes currently in place to understand the messages and objectives of those processes.
  • Analysis: During the analysis phase, our team looks into how success is being measured, how the campaigns are performing, and how they should be expected to perform based on market analytics and our internal knowledge of what one should expect from different marketing channels and demographics.
  • Creative: Our creative phase focuses on designing new landing pages, determining appropriate conversion strategies, and identifying the right tools to track each and every campaign at a granular level.
  • Implementation: We implement changes into marketing processes and to the conversion process to streamline the conversion process, properly measure success with each and every single marketing process, and launch new landing pages.
  • Optimisation: We monitor all of the marketing campaigns to measure improvements and make adjustments based on what can be seen from the new tracking.

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