Sometimes even the most skilled SEO experts can miss the mark. Getting a second look at a campaign can bring to light errors that could be holding a web page back from page one. An SEO audit can also shed some light on new and emerging strategies delivering excellent results.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is an opportunity to obtain insight into how your website performs online and the factors that are limiting your exposure to those searching for products and services. An audit is essentially a stress test of your website both directly and indirectly to identify elements directly on your website and outside of it that can and will influence how search engines perceive your website. Audits are generally conducted every three months based on new developments and strategies emerging in the SEO industry.

Audits include a look at:

  • Loading Times
  • Content Relevance
  • Meta Data
  • Targeted Keywords
  • Audience Relevance
  • Social Media Presence
  • Link Portfolio
  • Citations
  • Mobile Experience
  • Accessibility
  • Hosting Environment
  • Caching

How We Conduct Audits

Our auditing process involves an in-depth look at multiple layers of both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Our auditing process goes step-by-step to make sure each part of your SEO campaign is doing everything it can to reach page one.

Our auditing process involves the following steps:

  • User Experience Analysis
  • On-Page Element Analysis
  • Off-Page Element Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Analysis

Once the audit has been conducted, meaningful changes are made to the SEO campaign and measuring tools are used to measure the impact the changes have on search traffic.

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