Earned media can be one of the most difficult ways to promote your brand, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. Media relations ensures that your brand will develop a positive relationship with traditional media outlets and online publications.

What is Media Relations?

Media relations is a public relations term referring to how brands and organizations build relationships with media publications and journalists. Building a relationship means offering journalists information about your brand that can be of use to the public and using that coverage to improve sales and conversions, or to move the public image in a positive direction. This means establishing coverage of the brand through “earned” means rather than “paid” means.

How one communicates with journalists and reporters is going to determine how great of a relationship the brand is going to have with any form of earned media. This is true both for how one frames their conversations and whether or not the person speaking with a journalist understands the context of their discussion. Professionals in the field will fare much better at telling the right story when compared to the average employee or c-level spokesperson.

Having a media relations strategy and internal processes ensures consistency in how a relationship is established with media outlet. It also ensures that a beneficial relationship is developed over time for increased brand exposure and awareness with relevant audiences.

How We Do It

When developing a media relations strategy our PR consultants go through a discovery process to learn more about your brand, your offerings, and the audiences you reach. Our process for creating and implementing impactful media strategies involves ongoing research, communications with media representatives, and reporting. Our process for developing a media relations strategy involves:

  1. Discovery: We learn more about your brand, your marketing objectives, and the audiences which perform the best.
  2. Creative: Our PR professionals develop a communication strategy and a process for vetting information to the media.
  3. Editorial Outreach: We find media outlets that could have an interest in a story involving your brand and some form of timely event or development.
  4. Blog Outreach: We find blogs which offer the opportunity to contribute an article that would be relevant to your audience and industry.
  5. Social Media Outreach: We establish a presence in social media and reach out to popular publications and journalists on different platforms.

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