Everyone knows what social media is. It's one of the first ways that many look up the people around them or try to figure out what is going on in their area. It's also a way to navigate a conversation about important events or the latest in online entertainment. It has become one of the ways that people remain connected, but if left unchecked, can also limit how we do business.

What is social reputation management?

Social reputation management is managing how online audiences perceive a brand or an individual through social media. Many turn to social media both for their online discussions and to learn more about the world around them. Having a positive reputation on social media ensures that your brand is going to succeed with the audiences most important to your success.

Similar to how a review can shape perception, online discussion about your brand both positive and negative can leave a lasting impact. If your prospective buyers aren’t spreading positivity, it can affect a sale and thus can affect your bottom line.

How We Shape Perception

Our social media team conducts research on your target audience, what they are saying about your brand online, and where that audience generally communicates in social media. By doing this, we can target the right social media channels, the right social media influencers, and craft the right message to resonate with them. Having the right approach ensures that we can build and establish a strong social media presence for your brand.

Our process for developing an positive social reputation involves the following steps:

  • Discovery: Our social media team researches your online audiences and where they discuss online. This involves a look at how your brand and your products and/or services are being perceived online.
  • Strategy Development: A strategy is created to create a positive dialogue about your brand online in the places where your audience is active. Our social media team works with influencers and creatives to create an online conversation that feels native to the platform and organic.
  • Implementation and Monitoring: We implement the strategy using state-of-the-art social media tools and high quality creatives to visually appeal to the audience based on the research conducted. We continue to monitor the campaign and engage with the audience as they react to the social posts. We also communicate with and engage with influencers that are having a major impact on the brand.

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