Online advertising can be a difficult topic to navigate with endless options available to advertisers. Understanding how each platform works requires in-depth training and can be a time consuming process. Our pay per click consultants/specialists have invested their time and energy to become experts in their field.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click (PPC) or paid search marketing refers to the relationship between an advertising publisher (Google Ads, Adroll, Facebook Ads, etc.) and an advertiser (a brand or business) to display an advertisement for their product or service where the advertiser pays a fixed amount for each click on their ad. This differs from traditional advertising arrangements where you pay either a fixed price for a print advertising or pay CPM (cost per thousand).

While many online platforms have been offering advertising opportunities since the dawning of the public Internet, pay per click platforms have only within the past decade mastered the art of targeting. Competing platforms offer advertisers an online interface to upload or create the advertisement while giving them tools to choose which audiences, keywords, or publications they want their ad to appear in.

Pay per click management services focus on helping businesses and brands build the right campaign for them. Since online browsing habits are ever-changing, pay per click management firms adjust campaigns over time based on the latest trends, new tools offered by pay per click platforms, and real-time analytics. They ensure that every aspect of the campaign from the creation of the ad to the process of converting the visitor into a lead is optimised.

How We Do PPC

No two pay per click campaigns are the same. Before building or improving upon a pay per click campaign our PPC experts first conduct research to learn more about a client’s brand, target audiences, and how their products or services are perceived and marketed. They also spend time learning about and understand what the client is looking to accomplish with their campaign. This helps establish which platforms to build a campaign on, which advertising methods to use, and which audiences to reach with the campaign.

Our process for building pay per click campaigns:

  1. Conduct a goal assessment with the client.
  2. Conduct an assessment of branding assets and past marketing campaigns.
  3. Conduct an assessment of target audiences.
  4. Propose which platforms, audiences to target, and types of ads to create and implement.
  5. Create and implement landing pages for the targeted audiences.
  6. Implement the campaign across all platforms.
  7. Assess performance over time to make necessary adjustments for improved results.

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