Having a presence on social media is a crucial thing for a brand. Having a negative presence on social media can be damaging. Not knowing what to look for to determine whether your presence is helping or hurting can be confusing.

Social Media Auditing

Social media marketing is one of the most common ways that many businesses attract prospective buyers online. It is, however, one of the more difficult ways to attract customers. Each platform has its own etiquette, best practices, and types of audiences. It can be difficult even for the most seasoned veterans in social media to identify mistakes being made that could be hampering engagement and conversions.

Social media itself has a massive effect on other marketing channels as well. Search engines often turn to social media to find out what users are saying about a brand before recommending it in their search results. Those looking to make a purchase may turn to social media to determine whether or not they should make a purchase. Having a bad image on social media can be ultimately damaging to a brand’s image.

Some of the most common social media mistakes include:

  • Relying too much on automation.
  • Measuring the wrong metrics.
  • Failing to respond on social media.
  • Treating all platforms like they are the same.
  • Oversaturation of accounts.

How We Audit Social Media

Our social media marketing experts understand what to look for in a campaign. We have a granular process in place that looks at a growing number of factors that could positively or negatively attribute to the growth of a social media marketing campaign. This process ensures our experts identify the factors contributing to stagnant growth or a failure to convert and enact changes to transform the campaign into constant engagement.

Our process involves the following steps:

  • Discovery: Our social media team learns more about your brand, your products / services, and your marketing message.
  • Research: We delve into which audiences should be targeted compared to the current social media marketing efforts.
  • Content Analysis: Produced content on social media is analyzed alongside the engagement to determine any potentially harmful messages or confusing marketing messaging.
  • Per-Point Analysis: All social media platforms are analyzed on a per-point basis across a list of most common issues which can impact engagement.
  • Strategy Development: Our social media team develops a social media marketing strategy to solve the issues identified.

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