Web pages do not exist in a vacuum. Instead, they are constantly competing with billions of other web pages on the Internet. Search engines are constantly looking at the entirety of the Internet when determining which web pages to serve to a user. Building a reputation shows search engines that your content is what search users want to see.

What is Off-Page Optimisation?

Off-page optimisation refers to a growing number of practises which influence how a web page is valued to search engines. It is a vital core aspect of search engine optimisation which can make or break a website. Specifically, it refers to factors that a search engine’s algorithm takes into consideration which are outside of the web page.

Gone are the days when you can simply get a bunch of other websites to point links to your own to obtain notoriety. Off-page optimisation is the culmination of decades of research and improving how search engines index the Internet and how they serve search results to your device. Search engines often adjust their algorithms, thus the factors they use and the importance of those factors is constantly changing.

To obtain a prominent position in search results it is important to invest significant time in building a presence outside of the website being optimised. Social media has become one of the best ways to improve SEO performance by building a relevant audience and sharing insightful and unique content to that audience. Search engines scour major social media channels to gauge how strong of a following a brand has and to vet the content being produced online based on how social users interact with the content.

Outside of social media, search engines also look at online reviews, earned media, and how different web pages are shared online. Getting content in front of outside audiences through earned means can significantly impact how that content does in search results. For example, a web page that is linked to as an authoritative source by a major news outlet will fare much better than a web page that does not have that mention.

Our Approach to Off-Page Optimisation

To build the right SEO campaign our experts must first understand how search engines currently view your website and its presence online. Our off-page SEO audit involves a deep dive into the websites that reference your own, what content they are linking to, and the context of the relationship as seen by a search indexer. It also delves into other aspects of how a website is viewed online including, but not limited to, these following factors:

  • Quality content creation.
  • Relevant link building.
  • Social media outreach.
  • Earned media.
  • Influencer outreach.
  • Online review management.

Through both automated tools and manual review our SEO experts identify core weak points and missed opportunities in media our auditing process produces meaningful insight into what can be done to improve your presence online.

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