Google’s Webmaster Guidelines spell out clearly the practices that can land a website a manual penalty. Websites hit with a manual penalty disappear from search results and can have a lasting impact on how a website performs in the algorithm. Fortunately, it is possible to recover from a penalty.

Emergency Penalty Recovery

In recent years Google has taken strict action to protect the integrity of its  search results. Many companies have attempted to game the system through unnatural SEO strategies, and while that has produced results in the past, in recent years that has led to websites being penalized or entirely removed from search results. In some cases, businesses can find that SEO companies they have trusted in the past  have taken the easy route and are now suffering the consequences.

We provide emergency penalty recovery services to identify the activities that have affected a website and eliminate them. We understand a penalty can devastate a business. Our auditing process uses automated tools and specialized knowledge of how these penalties occur to get a quick feel for how a website is being penalized. This allows our experts to quickly create a plan of action to recover the website’s presence on Google.

Common Reasons for a Penalty:

  • Unnatural links to and from your site.
  • Excessive reciprocal linking.
  • Unnatural outbound link penalty (usually the result of an intrusion).

Our Recovery Process

Our process for recovering a website’s search rankings and removing the associated penalities involves an in-depth audit of the in-place SEO strategy to identify the practises that resulted in the penalty. During this process, our auditing team takes a look at the following factors:

  • Link Auditing
  • Content Auditing
  • Link Removal
  • Recovery Strategy

Once efforts have been made to address the issues which led to the penalty, our team works to get the website’s penalty reviewed and revoked while developing a strategy to improve search traffic once the penalty has been removed.

Recover your placements today. Get a quick review of your SEO campaign.

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