Facebook boasts over 2 billion users on the platform each month with over 1 billion of those users using the social network exclusively on their phone or tablet. It is a great way to reach a thriving and active online audience.

What is Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social network boasting over 2 billion users each month. It is fast growing, socially relevant, and reaches a wide range of demographics. Social media on its own provides brands with an interactive way to establish and build their brand. Facebook offers advertisers a wide variety of ways to target users and put their brand in front of them at times when it is most relevant.

Facebook’s advertising offerings are based on the objective of the ad. Whether you’re looking to advertise for awareness, consideration, or conversions, there are several different ad formats that advertisers can employ to reach their targeted audiences:

  • Video Ads: Shares a video ad with relevant audiences.
  • Image Ads: Shares an image ad with relevant audiences.
  • Collection Ads: Shares a collection of products customized for each individual in a relevant audience.
  • Carousel Ads: Shares up to ten images or videos within a single ad, with each piece of media having its own landing page.
  • Slideshow: Shares a slideshow ad with relevant audiences using motion, sound, and text.
  • Instant Experience: Shares a full-page mobile-optimized ad with relevant audiences.
  • Lead Generation Ads: Shares an image, video, or carousel ad to collect information about users interested in a product or service.
  • Offers: Shares a unique discount to your relevant audiences.
  • Post Engagement: Used to generate more likes, comments, and other forms of engagements to Facebook page posts.
  • Event Response Ads: Used to promote awareness for an event and drive responses. Can appear as an image or video ad.
  • Page Likes: Used to drive users to like a page.

How We Do Facebook Advertising

Our approach to Facebook advertising involves a critical analysis of each client’s objectives with their advertising, the types of products or services being marketed, and the audiences that are most aligned with them. During this time our Facebook experts will outline the right strategy to achieve the identified objectives with a brief overview of each aspect of the campaign. Once the client has signed off on the campaign, we get to work on creating individual ads and unique landing pages to appeal to each of the targeted audiences.

Our process for building Facebook advertising campaigns:

  1. Discovery – During this process, we learn about your business, your objectives, and the product or service being offered.
  2. Audience Research – Our Facebook experts spend time researching relevant audiences that would be most likely to buy your product or service.
  3. Strategy Development – A strategy is developed identifying the marketing messages, banner designs, and landing pages to be implemented for the campaign.
  4. Implementation – Our Facebook experts create all of the creatives required for the campaign and implement through Facebook’s advertising platform.
  5. Optimization – Over time, our Facebook experts analyze the performance of the campaign and make adjustments to maximize performance.
  6. Reporting – We report on the performance of your Facebook advertising campaign on a regular basis to keep you in the loop. We also take feedback to help us cater to the campaign to changes in your objectives or business strategies.

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